Welcome to FB Academy

We believe in a sustainable future and consider education as the most effective means to achieve it. We primarily target children in the Middle East and Africa  and aim to incorporate sustainability into their educational experience at an early age.

Our mission serves as an anchor of optimism and actionable change. We're not just committed to sustainable development as an abstract concept, but as a concrete roadmap to a better future.

However, education, knowledge and learning are the basis for all development. Our methodology is based on science and proven methods combined with the latest digital technology.

Our Education Tools

FB Academy's educational approach includes:

Digital Platform

Offers interactive and personalized learning experiences using digital media. This method enhances student engagement and allows for adaptive learning tailored to individual needs.

Educational Material with Teacher's Guide

Uses engaging, narrative-based content to increase environmental awareness. This approach makes learning more relatable and memorable for students, while providing teachers with structured guidance.

Stuffed Animal 'the Camel'

Serves as a tactile tool for deeper emotional engagement. It aids in simplifying complex environmental concepts, making them more accessible to young learners.

Children's Book Series

Focuses on storytelling to simplify environmental issues. This method not only educates children but also encourages family participation, fostering a long-term impact on environmental consciousness.

These elements combine interactive technology, engaging narratives, tactile learning, and family involvement to create a comprehensive and effective educational experience.

Digital E-learning


Using interactive digital platforms for environmental education is a powerful way to enhance children's interest and understanding of the subject.

Education Material &

Teacher´s Guides

Interactive and digital learning tools: Used on smart boards or students' devices for dynamic learning.

Guidance material for teachers with background information and activity suggestions.

Children´s Book


Join Kalid, Alisha and Camel on their different adventures where they discover new challenges for the environment and learning how to contribute to a sustainable future. 


Which age group is targeted by FB Academy?

We target children and young people from 6 to 10 years old.

What are the benefits with FB Academy?

Our educational material "Creating Hope for the Future Generation through Sustainable Education" offers a unique and engaging learning platform, especially relevant for school leaders and principals who wish to integrate sustainability education into their operations. This material is a valuable resource for several reasons:

  • Complements existing Curriculum
  • Early and effective environmental education
  • Interactive and engaging learning
  • Support for teachers
  • Parental engagement
  • Cultural relevance and global awareness
  • Future competencies:
  • Measurable results
  • Enriching stories and symbolism
  • Emotional engagement

How much does it cost to use FB Academy?

Schools and Educational Institutions pay a small annual license fee for each licensed user (teacher or student) using FB Academy. This give full access to all online and digital material including, of course, the Teacher´s Guide. 

Printed books and the stuffed animal, "Camel" are sold separately with a 20% discount as a FB Academy client. 

How can we start using FB Academy in my school?

Please use the contact form here on the webiste or send an email to info@fb-academy.com. Our next FB Academy will be released after the summer break 2024!

Our mission

Our mission serves as an anchor of optimism and actionable change. We're not just committed to sustainable development as an abstract concept, but as a concrete roadmap to a better future.